Strict chastity training for a slave.
Having a slave in chastity may be an important part of his training. A Master will decide if chastity training is the best way for his slave, though some slaves may beg to be placed in chastity. A Master may decide that chastity training is not the right way to train some slaves.

There are many chastity devices on the market and it is important to choose the best chastity for the slave. Quality of the chastity is important as well as size and fit. An experienced Master will know the right chastity for a slave to do his training.

A slave may be kept in chastity for short periods or long periods depending on the requirements of his Master. Chastity is used as a good form of control and discipline. The Master will decide when the slave is allowed out of chastity and what he is allowed to do when not in chastity.

An experienced Master may have several slaves in chastity. Some slaves will only require a short period of chastity while other slaves will need a life of chastity training.

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Gay Submission

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