Strict chastity training for a slave.
Having a slave in chastity may be an important part of his training. A Master will decide if chastity training is the best way for his slave, though some slaves may beg to be placed in chastity. A Master may decide that chastity training is not the right way to train some slaves.

There are many chastity devices on the market and it is important to choose the best chastity for the slave. Quality of the chastity is important as well as size and fit. An experienced Master will know the right chastity for a slave to do his training.

A slave may be kept in chastity for short periods or long periods depending on the requirements of his Master. Chastity is used as a good form of control and discipline. The Master will decide when the slave is allowed out of chastity and what he is allowed to do when not in chastity. An experienced Master may have several slaves in chastity. Some slaves will only require a short period of chastity while other slaves will need a life of chastity training.

While slaves in the BDSM world are always willing to serve and worship right off the bat, they’re not always fully equipped for this. They may be eager to please, but they don’t necessarily have the ability to put their needs completely at the backs of their minds. This is especially true of sexual reactions. Many men that serve as slaves often struggle with warring desires of wanting to truly please and obey their Master and wanting to gratify their own desires. But to be a truly effective slave, they need to be able to control their own desires and urges and focus entirely on their Dominant Master. For this, slave chastity training is the ideal tool.

Slave Chastity Training is a range of activities and behavioral modifications that teach slaves that their desires are completely secondary to the needs of their Masters. Masters use chastity devices, abstinence, teasing and orgasm control to repeatedly deny slave’s pleasure while at the same time insisting that their own needs be met.

Chastity devices in particular restrain the ability of male slaves to reach erection. They often consist of a metal ring or cage that fits around tight, prohibiting the expansion that occurs when blood flows to the organ. It also prevents masturbation and touching, and denies the slave arousal. Chastity devices are particularly effective because they completely deny stimulation, even when there is overwhelming stimulation present such as the Master asking for favors from the slave or having the slave present at erotic BDSM play sessions. They force chastity upon the slave, allowing them to recalibrate their reaction and emotions to the needs of their Master instead of their own.

Masters also use teasing and orgasm control to further this training, typically after a chastity device has been successfully used. This involves the Master bringing the slave to the point of climax, but then denying them the final release. This may be done repeatedly until the slave is so crazy with desire that they will do anything asked of them. Many Masters use this technique to not only recalibrate slave’s reactions, but to teach obedience, discipline and introduce new behaviors to the slave outside of their comfort zone. It can also be pleasurable for the slave, however, especially if the Master does finally allow release as a reward.

Slaves must go through chastity training so that they are completely and fully able to serve their Masters without giving in to their own needs and desires. Chastity training is an extremely effective means to train new slaves in not only desires but obedience as well, and is widely used in the BDSM community due to its effectiveness.

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