The role of a Gay Master
Sometimes within a gay relationship there will be a Dominant partner that may take on the role of Master. The submissive partner may take on the role as the slave in the relationship.

Just what defines a Gay Master will vary in every relationship. Some Masters are more dominant and strict then others. A Master may live the role as a lifestyle or more on a casual basis. A gay Master may have one or several slaves to serve him.

Not all slave men that serve a Master are gay. In fact many Gay Masters prefer to train a slave that is not gay. Many gay Masters enjoy having sex slaves that are not gay. They feel a greater satisfaction from this type of slavery.

It is often common for a gay Master to have several slaves serving him as part of a stable. The slavery might be both private and in public.

A Master, or a Dominant man in BDSM that either has slaves that serve him either part time in play scenes or full time as part of a committed relationship, needs to be much more than just simply Dominant. Taking on charges is a huge responsibility, and it requires a certain type of personality that many men just donít have. Itís a very difficult task, taking on a slave, and a good Master can manage this in a way that benefits not only himself, but also his slaves. So what are these qualities that make a Master great?

For many people, the image of a Master in BDSM is not one of a compassionate, caring individual, but compassionate is one of the most important qualities a good master can have. For the Master to do what needs to be done to take care of his slaves, to give them what they need in terms of training, punishment, and rewards, he has to truly care about them and have their best interests at heart. Sometimes you have to reprimand the slave when itís bad, and itís very hard, but itís whatís best for the slave and what needs to be done if you truly care for the slave. A compassionate Master will be able to better serve his slaveís needs and desires, even when the situations are difficult. Slaves will respond to this tough love that comes from a place of warmth and caring much better than someone who is simply masochistic, harsh, or cold. Compassion is also very important for when the slaves are in need of reward as well, and they will respond positively to someone who truly loves and appreciates all their hard work and sacrifice.

This one may seem obvious, but a Master must be a good leader, not just in the sense that he makes the rules and decisions, but also in the sense that he needs to be someone worth following. If a Master is true to his word, has a high level of integrity, and is a genuinely good and honest person, slaves will follow blindly. Being a good leader means getting the job done every single time, even when no one is there to keep you accountable. Itís someone that lives and breathes the lifestyle, and goes above and beyond the call of duty just because they know that is what is right. They also have charisma and spunk to their personalities and are naturally intriguing. Slaves are naturally drawn to strong personalities, but when those strong personalities are also upstanding leaders, they will have the devoted service of those slaves for eternity.

It is very easy for things to get out of hand with a Master and slave relationship. A Master who is greedy or power hungry or simply masochistic may push scenes and situations far past the boundaries that the slave can handle, simply for his own pleasure. A great Master will understand the limits of his position and show a certain level of restraint. This proves to his slaves that he is truly a worthy Master, and they will feel completely safe and comfortable under his care. The ability for slaves to feel 100% safe is of utmost importance and will allow them to fulfill their desires and needs and take their service to a level they never thought possible. A Master that sometimes pulls back or knows when enough is enough will have slaves that are willing to do anything for him because they trust him so implicitly, they know they can handle any situation they are put in without question.

As you can see, it takes more than just a love for power to be a good Master. Slaves will, of course, follow anybody, but when the Master is a great leader and possesses these qualities, the slaves will flock to him and beg to serve his every need. Itís a win-win situation as a great Master makes both himself and his charges completely and blissfully happy.

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