Learning to lick Master`s boots is important for a slave.
A slave may have many duties and one of them may be to serve as a boot licker. A Master have have many boots that need to be kept clean by a slave. It is important the slave clean each boot to perfection or he will be disciplined.

Learning to be a good boot licking slave is not just a case of licking the boots clean. There is much more to a good boot clean then that.

A Master may like to wear his boots when he gets his slave to lick them clean. The Master may even get the slave to lick his boots in public in front of other people. The Master will train the slave in how he wants his boots licked, Each Master has his own way that he wants a slave to lick his boots.

The Master may discipline a slave who fails to lick the boots clean in the correct way. The slave will need to make sure every part of the boot has been cleaned as Master would want. The slave must only use his tongue for the cleaning and keep licking till the job is finished.

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